Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash

As a guy who worked his way through college, I thought I knew how it felt like to live on “survival mode”. There were times where I had to live on one meal a day just to get by. Sometimes I felt like I’d hit rock bottom — but I was actually quite fortunate. There are some folks out there who have it far worse.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give any substantial help to the people who needed it back in those days because I had my own problems. I did do some volunteer work when I could but I always had that nagging feeling that I could do more to help. I just needed the means to do so. Now that I’m standing on my own two feet, I can finally do just that.

I’m donating a portion of whatever profit I earn from this site, whether it be derived from ads, affiliate links, or from any writing jobs to the charities and non-profit organizations I support.

That said, I always keep myself anonymous when I donate. I guess I just like the feeling of helping without people knowing it was me.

So, without mentioning their names, these are the causes that I support:

Every child needs proper care and support. Sadly, a lot of children in third world countries don’t even get these basic needs. I know how it feels to be helpless and that’s why I support a non-profit organization that reaches out to children in third world countries, giving them basic necessities like sustenance and clothing.

I also support an organization that helps low-income students get by. This speaks to me on a deeper level as I came from a low-income family myself.

Finally, people aren’t the only ones who need love and care. Strays and lost pets need love too. This is why I donate to a local no-kill animal shelter. I also do volunteer work there during my free time.

I’m not saying this to get you to support them as well. I’m just saying this to let you know that by supporting what I do on this site, and even by simply visiting this site, you’re helping me help the causes I’m passionate about.